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Churchill Style: The Art of Being Winston Churchill by Barry Singer
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Winston Churchill

Especially created and blended with the approval of the
Churchill Trust.

Winston Churcill and Cigar

Churchill kept his cigars at Chartwell in a small room on the second floor between his bedroom and study in boxes marked "Wrapped," "Naked," and "Large." His sense of a cigar was perfectly theatrical. Churchill understood the image it could project, the sense of authority and of calm, the sense of confidence. He employed it as a tool, preparing it carefully, while others watched and waited, then puffing it in powerful, smoky clouds of concentration or anger. He had been known in his political youth to pierce his cigars with a long pin that allowed the ash to cling to the cigar as he smoked it, almost down to the end, riveting colleagues who would watch, waiting for the ash to drop. How many did he smoke in a day? His bodyguard, Detective Inspector Thompson, would later insist that after lighting up his first, immediately following breakfast, Churchill relit that first one often, chewing it more than smoking it, letting it go out repeatedly, and finally discarding it. Thompson speculated that Churchill destroyed at least five cigars a day, relighting them seven times on average. But one was almost always present every waking hour of his day.

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